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Oswald Sporting started in the “University Polo” world. Jess Roche, who was, at the time, President of Durham University Polo Club, decided there weren’t any companies who provided top quality, yet affordable, polo shirts – so she decided to make her own for the team. When Durham turned up at SUPA Winter Nationals 2017 in their brand new shirts they caught the eye of a lot of other universities, who then asked Jess whether she could make shirts for them as well – thus Oswald Sporting was formed.

The company quickly grew to make shirts for teams, clubs and companies in the UK, Europe and USA. Oswald Sporting then expanded, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to make multi-functional snoods, which had the additional benefit of meeting the COVID-19 Government guidelines on face coverings. This product proved incredibly popular and what started as a limited edition item has now become a product Oswald Sporting is well known for.

Oswald Sporting is incredibly passionate about improving player and pony safety within the sport. Jess, Oswald’s founder, sustained a non-horse related brain injury in the past, and she has a keen interest in the development of new safety features in polo products. Oswald Sporting decided to partner with Instinct Polo, who combine safety and style in their polo helmets. Oswald Sporting now retails custom designed Instinct helmets to players at all levels of polo within the UK.

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