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    Oswald Sporting has partnered up with industry leading body armour specialists, Forcefield, to bring Body Armour to the polo world. Forcefield is the choice for a range of athletes at the top of their game, such as mountain bikers, stunt-riders, motorcycle tourers, snow-boarders and now polo players.

    The Armour offers award winning sport protection for the elbow, shoulders and back, although the level of protection is customisable, with all the armour being removable. The isolator armour used is created from a specially formulated hyper elastic polymer, which offers super thin protection with an outstanding performance.

    The Armour protects the body, but in a comfortable way. The back protection is certified to EN 1621-2 level, which has a thickness of only 12mm and protects between -10 to 40+ degrees and passes all 4 criteria of the CE2 test.

    The elbow and shoulder protection is certified to the EN1621-1 standard and is only 8mm in thickness in order to not restrict movement. They offer unrivalled protection when comparing thickness against energy absorption.

    The Armour utilises repeat performance technology, therefore, can withstand multiple impacts.

     It is heat activated, so it moulds to the body without restricting movement. The armour being imbedded in a skin means secure armour placement, no slippage like normal elbow pads or restricted strapping which affects performance.

    How Does the Armour Work?

    The Armour utilises cutting edge materials and construction methods.

    The material used is known as DRI-M (dynamic, reactive, intelligent material):
    – Dynamic – the constant ability to move with and mould to the players body shape
    –Reactive – massive energy absorption capability, tested and proven
    –Intelligent Material – breathable, heat activated and the ability to withstand multiple impacts

    We recommend putting the Polo Armour on at least five minutes before you are due to mount your horse, to give it time to fully activate.

    Fabric of the Jacket

    The Armour fabric is soft, anti-bacterial, machine washable (with the armour removed), doesn’t restrict movement and has high performance compression fit technology material, which feels soft next to the skin. Additionally, the material is made from recycled polyester created from ocean waste plastics. The fabric is 100% recyclable and uses 90% less water and 80% less CO2 in manufacturing compared to virgin polyester.

    It is suitable for winter and summer wear.

    The centre zip makes the shirt easy to put on before a match and quick to remove. The shirt has flat lock stitching and no internal labelling for ultimate comfort.

    It can be worn all day as it doesn’t hinder movement.

    Wide Variety of Uses

    The Polo Body Armour is suitable for training young horses, polo, hacking and even winter ski breaks! Please note it is not a substitute for a body protector, but it does offer protection without restricting flexibility and mobility.

    Body Protector -v- Body Armour

    We have found many equestrian brands are quite vague on the safety standard differences between back protectors and body protectors. Here at Oswald Sporting we aim for complete transparency so our customers select the right product for them.

    A body protector is designed to protect the torso (ribcage, kidney area and abdominal organs), as well as the back. Body Armour offers protection for the back, elbow and shoulders, but does not provide any chest protection.

    The Body Armour offers a rider greater freedom and agility, but it is not an equivalent safety substitute for a body protector, as it offers a lower level of protection. We recommend the Armour for those riders who are looking to improve their safety, but are unable to wear a body protector due to it being too restrictive.

    Back protectors, unlike body protectors, do not have an equestrian CE standard. Body protectors are certified to EN 13158. Back protectors for all equestrian disciplines use the motorcycle standards test (EN 1621-2). The level 2 discussed for back protectors is not the same as the level 2 used for body protectors. This means the Body Armour is not suitable for equestrian disciplines which require the use of a level 3 body protector.

    The Armour’s shoulder and elbow protection is also tested to the motorcycle standard (EN 1621-1) but at a level 1. This test is used to assess the protective qualities of the Armour when being worn on limb joints, whilst riding a motorcycle. The majority of other polo elbow pads are not certified at all, to any standard. As the motorcycle standard is the one accepted for equestrian back protectors, we have utilised the same standards for our limb armour.


    Please note that the jackets are made with compression material, therefore, they are designed to be a snug fit.


    Please note due to demand delivery may be 1-2 weeks.

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