Cryochaps Absolute Wraps (pair)


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    The Absolute Wrap is a new design from Cryochaps. This wrap has been designed with flexibility in mind, to cover the pasterns, hocks or knees. Furthermore, the Absolute Wrap benefits from the same cooling, compression and malleability of the Cryochaps design.

    The Absolute Wrap is perfect for post-exercise recovery or for use in the event of an injury.

    The Absolute Wrap is sold as a pair.

    Product Features of the Absolute Wrap Cooling Boots

    • Ease of Application: One leg wrap will fit either the front or hind leg. The Cryochaps Absolute Wrap is designed to fit knees, hocks and pasterns
    • Ice and Compression: Our cooling boots provide both
    • Reusability: Simply allow the leg wraps to defrost before laying flat and putting back in the freezer
    • Easy Clean: Cryochaps are easy to wipe clean after use
    • Quick Freezing: Simply lay the leg wraps flat in the freezer, ready for next time
    • Fast Acting: Our cooling boots provide quick cooling of the horse’s leg
    • Full Coverage: Our horse leg wraps are designed to offer full coverage of the hock, pastern or knee
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