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    We first discovered this amazing product when Oswald Sporting founder, Jess Roche, started having wrist pain during an arena season a few years ago. She experienced soreness on the side of her wrist where the little finger is. After seeing an orthopaedic surgeon he recommended trying a WristWidget®, a new type of wrist support from the USA. The improvement in Jess’s wrist pain was instant when she went back to playing whilst wearing the WristWidget®.

    The WristWidget® supports the radius and ulna which enables a small area known as the TFCC to heal. TFCC (triangular fibrocartilage complex) is a load-bearing structure between the lunate, triquetrum and ulnar head. The TFCC stabilises the ulnar aspect of the wrist and it is a common injury in both polo players and golfers.

    This season more polo players have been trying the WristWidget® to support their wrists and have found it to be a considerable aid to their game.

    • Doesn’t hinder your swing unlike other wrist supports
    • Fits both wrists and one size fits all as the WristWidget® is adjustable
    • Can be worn in water and in the shower
    • Do not put in the washing machine or tumble dryer
    • No latex or chemicals
    • Strongest velcro of any wrist support on the market


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